Paso Robles


About Us

Paso Robles RadioShack is owned by Boden Partners, as family partnership primarily consisting of a father and son team who wanted to keep the Paso Robles Coast Electronics RadioShack from closing. Philip is a CPA and recently retired CFO who saw the benefit of investing in the shop when his son, James, a Software Engineer who has been in the IT industry for over 15 years, learned from the Coast Electronics owner of the potential sale of the location. Both having fond memories of RadioShack from their earlier years, they decided to take the leap and acquire the electronics shop and keep it alive for the Paso Robles and North County customers that frequent it for all their electronics needs.

The shop currently provides a wide range of products such as batteries in all shapes and sizes, many types of cables and connectors, electronic components for repairs and hobbyists, radios and scanners, printer ink, and even guitar strings. The store also provides PC build and repair as well as some electronic repair services. But don’t worry, Paso Robles RadioShack is still partnered with the Coast Electronics RadioShack stores in Morro Bay and San Luis Obispo, so many of the repair and install services are available with their support.